My Day/Your Night Confinement begins.

Confinement begins.

It is just after 6 PM CST on March 8th, 2012.  Andrew Blanton, Allie Pohl and I agreed to confine ourselves in response to the challenge from our Iranian compatriots in the project to feel some sort of restriction, if only for one day.  At first, I was going to confine myself to the bathroom with my cat and basic staples, but mainly for access to equipment to document the process of the 24 hours, I have chosen, like Andrew, to confine myself to my studio.  While the point may nave been for inconvenience and discomfort (at least for me), I have decided that it will be more about discipline and isolation.  As you see, I am now logged into Second Life, and sitting in our tent, waiting for the others.

Why do I look like a Mexican bandit?  Because there will be an action I will do with my other group, Second Front, for the Houston Performance Art Biennial in Second Life at 9:05 PM CST tonight.  There we will perform “The Devil Wears Second Front”, where we will worship golden calves, sew Maquiladora products, play in giant Prada pumps and avoid the barbed wire of consumerism.

In real life it just turned dark, I am cleaning a spot on my couch, and just spilled a bag of tortilla chips, while my avatar waits for Andrew and Allie to join me.  I am so hoping that the Persians will find a way to hack over to the Western nets and join us.



~ by patlichty on March 9, 2012.

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