Eden Unluata Arrives to see the work.

At about 9:30, another of our co-facilitators, Eden Unluata (Chicago) showed up to check in with us.

I’m Man, Eden’s Bohemian.: Part of our conversation went like this.

Another interesting thing is that we have had all the Wester pricip-als here, which is good.
[07:38] BohemianBalloon: cool cool
[07:39] Patrick Lichty (man.michinaga): My question is: “Is the gesture the point?” or is this it?
[07:40] Patrick Lichty (man.michinaga): We sit waiting for the iranians to arrive, with them held at the cyber border
[07:40] Patrick Lichty (man.michinaga): Would it have been better to be in public with Hijab?
[07:41] Patrick Lichty (man.michinaga): Will more people see this virtually, or woudl we have been more visible in public?
[07:42] BohemianBalloon: i think hijab would have gone out of context
[07:42] Patrick Lichty (man.michinaga): Likely.
[07:42] BohemianBalloon: wearing the hijab in the US or in second life contextually goes off message
[07:43] Patrick Lichty (man.michinaga): especially for a male
[07:43] BohemianBalloon: it becoems an issue of religious freedom
[07:43] BohemianBalloon: so it would have subverted your point
[07:43] Patrick Lichty (man.michinaga): true.




~ by patlichty on March 9, 2012.

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