At Hour 14.

As I begin writing this, it is 8:37 Am, about 14 hours after we started.
Been quite a ride, with some things we wanted, and some things we didn’t.
First ofall, I’m the Second Life Veteran, and everyone had to get up to speed so we could have transparent communal communication.  Andrew met me with a basic avatar, but as you can see, he has morphed already into a more sophisticated one.  Allie, (to the left) had some initial issues logging in, but with Andrew’s help, she got her voice working and got a new look for her avatar as well. Andrew’s partner and co-facilitator of the project, Morehshin, spent some time with us as well.

At 9, I split my avatar into two and went to appear at the Houston Performance Art Bienniale, which I’ll post about next.  Afterwards, members of Second Front came back to the tent to meet the members of the project.  Shortly thereafter, I curled up next to my laptop and slept.


This morning, I seem to be the only one awake, as Andrew and Allie are Away From Keyboard (AFK) and slumping in their chairs.  What is (not) surprising is that none of the Tehran team has been able to get here.  During my time in Turkey, I had to use Internet Proxy servers to process my Web requests outside of the country, and I think, given the current tensions between the US and Iran, i would not be surprised if firewalls would not let them enter.

This morning, I’m waiting for Andrew and Allie to “wake” but I also have a lot of work to do, even confined in my studio.  It’s amazing that i feel this restricted, given that I only gve myself this minor constraint.  Havign been to the Near East, I’ve seen much greater restrictions, and it’s a good reminder.

By the way, I also just turned myself into a giant pillar of flame.  I wonder what my partners will think when they wake. 


~ by patlichty on March 9, 2012.

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