9:05 PM Houston The Devil Wears Second Front.- In Parallel with My Night Your Day

On 3/8 2012, Second Front was asked to do a piece for the Lone Star Performance Explosion at Diverseworks in Houston.  Called “The Devil Wears Second Front” Fau Ferdinand built a huge Prada showroom with shoes and feet with a giant golden calf on the top.  We came as Maquiladoras, socialites, and suffragettes.  At first, we prayed to the calf, then went to the sweatshop, and then returned to the calf.

HOWEVER, since a car was on fire in Houston at the festival, we decided to add something for our Houston friends. We took a 59 Cadillac, put it on top of the calf, got in, set it on fire, and drove it off a cliff into the ocean and stayed there, ablaze. 

That is where the story ended. In a James Dean Prada meltdown.


~ by patlichty on March 9, 2012.

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