Transmediation @ Columbia College Chicago & Eyebeam Medical Imaging

For the Transmediation show at Columbia College Chicago, and as part of my residency at Eyebeam Art & Technology Atelier, I commissioned a cranial MRI of several axes of my head.  In undergraduate school, I was briefly part of a team in the 1980’s that sought to automatically generate 3d models from CAT scans.  However, when I recieved the MRI information, I was puzzled as how I could experience the information in a satisfying manner. 

Instead of the usual diagnostic prone position, I reconstructed the slices in an upright position.  This created a shape that reminded me of an Easter Island Moai, but also allowed me to look into the innerstructures of the MRI from a face to face perspective, which I found interesing.  I also have lateral slices and FLAIR images, which I am considering rebuilding as well.

~ by patlichty on September 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Transmediation @ Columbia College Chicago & Eyebeam Medical Imaging”

  1. technology is changing the way the medical field works.

  2. hey – that’s really cool!

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