Satrom & Lichty performance: Lo-Fi/No Fi @ Leviathan for MGFest

“Low-Fi or No-Fi” HACKS the Super-String-Social
at Leviathan, Sept. 17, 2010
As part of MGFest Chicago, Jon Satrom and I created a presentation called “Low-FI/No-Fi” which consisted of a series of video screenings of wonderfully glitchy work by Vanessa Van Alstyne/Norberto Gomez, Emily Kuehn, and others, along with two live VJ sets.  Jon’s was entitled “Rainbows, Windows, & Dinos”, which was a self-explanatory Dirt-Style live set, and mine was a performance using Paul Slocum’s “Synthcart” on a hacked Atari 2600, called “Durt33 Nast1 P1x3lz”.  The latter was done primarily because my laptop was stolen earlier in the week, and I got the nerve up to grab my Atari and hit the streets.  The sound quality was wonderfully staticky, because I used the TV output instead of the direct sound out.  Beautiful.

~ by patlichty on September 21, 2010.

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