First images of “Modern Ruins” at CCC Faculty show

As part of the Columbia College Chicago Interactive Arts & Media Faculty Exhibition in September 2010, I included a number of images created during psychogeograhic ventures through the Bodrum Peninsula as part of the residency I co-faciliated with Arzu Ozkal and Burak Erikan at Cura Bodrum.

These works are shot with iPhone, and are stills and panoramas documenting buildings and areas around the peninsula that were of buildings that were ostensibly built with speculative permits, and left to languish when the properties were not sold.  The problems of this are manifold; thsi is a part of the world which is promoted for its beauty, and this practice destroys the very thing which is being shared.  But furthermore, the practice destroys environment withouf any use at all.  Also, in some cases, the building is highly irresponsible, given the locations on hillsides, etc., which are completely outside regional engineering codes.

Of course, the irony of all of this is that the Mediterranean, and especially Turkey, is known for its historic ruins, and to have construction which enters the state of the ruin before completion is surreal.

~ by patlichty on September 21, 2010.

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  1. nice blog, bookmarked, keep goin’ 😉

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