Virtual Gardening and Hansen/Ono Piano Method in Halifax

This is out of sequence, so bear with me.

Two days ago, on the 6th, I performed as part of the ensemble of Liz Solo & Fau Ferdinand (Yael Gilks)’s “Virtual Gardening” performance at the Odysssey Performance Art Festival in Second Life.  However, for this performance, a garden in SL was projected onto a garden in Halifax, and myself, Liz, Mike Kean, and Anne Pickard of NSCAD worked in the garden, hoeing, raking,a nd distung the mized reality horticulture.  The scene was then broadcast bak into the Net for people from around the world to see.  Many thanks to Liz, Yael, and everyone in Halifax for such a great time.

~ by patlichty on August 8, 2010.

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