Cura Bodrum Residency w/Arzu Ozkal, Summer News…

I have been quiet.  However, I have also been busy.
Since we have last talked, I had been working on a series of collaborations with Turkish-born social practices artist Arzu Ozkal.
I’ve been very pleased to have been working with her on editing some texts, such as her review of the book “The State of ATA“, and the catalogue for “Relief Valve”, a fantastic show of Turkish media art, and writing the text for her “Love at First Site” performance at Spaces Cleveland.

All of this built up to a Tactical Media Residency at the Cura Bodrum Center in Bodrum Turkey. We, along wiith Burak Erikan (Istanbul), facilitated a 10-day workshop that invited the 17 participants to engage in social practices and politically-charged art in context with the Bodrum area.  Although it’s obvious we had a great time, there was also a lot of work done, culminating in an exhibition of the work, which I hope to bring to the US at some point.  We tacked issues of pollution, overdevelopment, Internet firewalling, the Global BP Awareness Day, and the cultural colonization of Turkish culture, such as Starbucks and coffee.

Many thanks to Iz Oztat, Emincan Alemdaroglu, and everyone at Cura for spoiling us rotten.  It was the best workshop location ever.

Now, what’s happening now?
Because of many reasons, I’m looking at not only a reboot of my practice, but perhaps even a root-level restart.
But Second Life work constunies, as do anumber of other projects.
I will be part of the Yes Men’s “Keeping it Slick” exhibition at Columbia College Chicago this fall, as well as a solo show of physical and virtual work at the Faculty center, called “Logged on/Logged off” which will be the first exhibitionof my Ghosts of Adak project images.  In addition, I plan to recreate Hogarth’s “Rake’s progress – the Levee” as a 9’x15′ print.

On August 7, I will be travelling to Halifax to be part of the Odyssey Performance Art Festval, where i will perform, “The Ono-Hansen Piano Method”.

And lastly, I will also be part of a show called “The Simulationists” at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which will feature a sequel to Gazira on my collaboration, “7UP”, called Katamari:FUBAR.

Conferences I plan to attend this year are SLSA (Indianapolis), IDMAA (Vancouver), a trip to Eyebeam (NYC), and probably ISEA 2011 (Istanbul)

~ by patlichty on July 31, 2010.

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